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TRIXTER pushes initiative to support struggling cultural institutions this holiday season

TRIXTER sets their sights on creating an industry-wide movement towards ethical, impactful gift-giving this holiday season.

MUNICH — December 18th, 2020  Visual effects company TRIXTER is implementing a creative solution to encourage conscientious gift-giving this holiday season. With the hard-hit film industry feeling the pinch since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, TRIXTER has pledged to make high-impact direct donations to a number of cultural institutions in lieu of the usual holiday gifts for clients and staff. Urging other businesses to follow suit, the 100-employee firm is on a mission to encourage us all to #savethecinema during this difficult time. Recognizing that their efforts alone will not be sufficient to bring this hard-hit industry back from the brink, TRIXTER sets their sights on creating an industry-wide movement towards ethical gift-giving this year. Swapping out wrapping paper and tinsel for financial support, they have pledged to provide staff with arthouse cinema vouchers, as well as making donations to two charities which are providing relief to filmmakers in this difficult time.

TRIXTER is one of Germany’s leading VFX studios. With offices in Munich and Berlin, the 20-year-old company has provided concept art, animation, and visual effects for major film and television projects in Germany and worldwide. Known for their character conceptualization work—having helped bring Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Baby Groot, and Goose the cat to life—the studio also has gained acclaim for special effects and digital environment creation. In 2018, TRIXTER joined forces with Cinesite, becoming one of the largest independent digital entertainment studios worldwide.

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