We live and breathe All Things VFX.

Fantastical creatures and electrifying shockwaves. Alluring environments and immersive animated worlds. Offering flexibility, creativity, and on-time delivery, you’re in good hands with TRIXTER.

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Your imaginary friend gets a reality check.

We bring characters to life, realer than real. Team TRIXTER was a creative force behind well-known characters such as Ultron, Baby Groot, the Känguru, Goose the cat, and more. From photorealistic animals to never-before-seen extraterrestrial creatures, our creative expertise leads the way.

Characters & Creatures

01:52 min

Encompassing Environments

Infinite sets, immersive worlds, the endless vacuum of space.

Your story, our setting. Let us create your universe.

Environments & DMPs

01:56 min


FX + Simulations

Water and fire and smoke, oh my! Plasma explosions that rip through the sky!


02:16 min


Images are nice. Moving images are even nicer.

3D animation is in our DNA. We craft vivid sequences which jump off the screen.


01:42 min

Concept Art

It all starts with an idea. Let us help you visualize it.

Our Concept team is one of the many things that set TRIXTER a world apart from the competition. From mesmerizing mood boards to enchanted environments and characters, you’re in professional hands.

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The proof is in the pudding.

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