why work with us?


We’re a collaborative group of visual effects artists, animators, engineers, and production professionals from around the world. We’re all rather unique, and our secret sauce is how our quirks and varying skills team up to compliment each other.

We believe that happy people create better work. By emphasizing equality, clear communication, responsibility, and recognition in the workplace, we aspire towards a company culture as rewarding as it is challenging.

What’s it like to work at one of Europe’s most explosive VFX studios?
(Spoiler alert: It’s pretty fun.)

Working with TRIXTER comes with a ton of professional perks, such as

  • specialized training sessions,
  • artistic adventures,
  • and regular team gatherings (with a strict “No Forced Fun” policy).

Our 2 studio locations are pet-and-human-friendly, with plenty of light and plenty of coffee. You can find TRIXTER Munich among the chic cafes of Maxvorstadt (and near the English Garden). TRIXTER Berlin is set on the docks of the river Spree in buzzing Kreuzberg, with sweeping views of the famous Oberbaumbrücke.

Safety first! TRIXTER’s studios are fully compliant with COVID restrictions, and currently offering the option of remote work wherever possible.

A nice place to live + work

Why Germany?

With a world-class social system and a culture more relaxed than the stereotypes suggest (the famous punctuality notwithstanding), Germany is quickly becoming a hub for top international talent. Germany proudly boasts a stable political system built around sustainability and social fairness, and it’s easy to build a secure, comfortable life in our orderly cities.

Among the dozens of benefits of living & working in Germany, you can expect:

  • An excellent, robust healthcare system
  • Plenty of paid vacation days
  • A family-friendly culture which offers extensive paid parental leave, affordable childcare, and world-class (free) schools and universities
  • Easy geographical access to just about anywhere in Europe
  • Blustery wild seas, dramatic snowy mountains, and miles upon miles of sun-drenched vineyards.

Sprechen Sie kein Deutsch? No problem. Germany (and TRIXTER) welcomes English-speakers, and you will have very little trouble getting around in bigger cities.


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