Clear & transparent pricing. World-class visuals.

We’re a dedicated team of creative humans, focused on delivering a unique balance of professionalism and imagination. With clear & transparent pricing structures and no hidden costs, no project is too large, nor any niche too small. 

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Delivering award-winning creativity across the VFX spectrum.

From ultra-realistic CG creatures to immersive virtual worlds and electrifying special effects, TRIXTER develops your dreams from start to finish.

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Trixter did a lot of incredible VFX for Guardians II. That’s why we brought them in again for Brightburn, and again they delivered some of the best VFX work I’ve seen.
James Gunn, film director and producer

Concept Art

From mesmerizing mood boards to enchanted environments, if you bring the idea, we’ll take it from there.

Our highly professional team can save you time and costs by conceptualizing your vision with you.

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The Concept Art that TRIXTER has created for Independence Day: Resurgence was absolutely fantastic. Their work had a great influence on the visual development of the project, and many creations were adapted almost identically in the final film.
Roland Emmerich, film director and producer

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Commonly-Asked Questions

Do you only like to work on big blockbuster productions?

We like to work on cool stuff, and cool stuff can come in small packages too. We’ve created effects for a huge variety of projects, from big-budget Hollywood blockbusters to independent productions and everything between, giving each project our 100%. Whether they’re heavy-hitters like Disney or smaller-budget local production companies, we love all our clients!

Can TRIXTER offer funding or rebates?

We have several options of applying for funding in Germany.

There is a nationwide grant called  DFFF 2 which offers funding for VFX on motion picture productions.

Additionally, because we have our studios in Munich and Berlin, we qualify for two local funds: the  FFF in Bavaria which supports international productions, and the newly established  MBB funding for feature films in Berlin.

When conditions apply, these funds can be combined as well. Reach out to us to learn more!

interested in working with trixter?

Don’t be shy, come say “Hi”. We’re always ready for a non-binding chat about your VFX hopes and dreams.*

*We can talk about your other hopes and dreams too but let’s try to keep it mostly to visual effects.


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