Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is an eager, restless teenager in Queens who is keen to prove himself to his mentor Tony Stark and take an official place in the Avengers. When the villainous Vulture pushes himself onto the scene, Peter sees a golden opportunity to show what he can do and protect New York from brutish forces.

Jon Watts
Marvel Studios
© 2017 MARVEL
Release Date
July 7th 2017
TRIXTER Key Members
VFX Supervisor: Dominik Zimmerle
VFX Producer: Christine Neumann, Franzisca Puppe
Animation Supervisor: Simone Kraus Townsend
Compositing Supervisor: Andreas Gebauer
CG Supervisor: Chris Smallfield

A decimated Grand Central Station, refining a homemade Spidey-suit, a dusky schoolyard fight.

In total, our team of nearly 100 artists spent 9 months creating a jaw-dropping 300 shots for Spider-Man: Homecoming. One of our biggest challenges was creating the mammoth environment in the opening sequence— an utterly destroyed Grand Central station, swarming with salvage workers and strewn with dusty rubble. We were able to tackle it by splitting a big task into many small ones, as well as taking a meticulous approach to make the scene feel as realistic and believable as possible.

Another of our unexpected challenges was facilitating the expressions in Spider-Man’s homemade suit, making sure his eyes were able to show (and transition) emotions, despite less sophistication than his more trademark suits seen in other Spider-Man incarnations. It was important to hit just the right level of subtlety in order to really bring life into the shots.


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