Brightburn (2019)

Brandon’s mysterious appearance in the forest as a baby didn’t deter his adoptive parents (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman) from trying to give him a normal life. However, as he grows, dark forces and twisted urges start to overtake Brandon, and sinister superhuman abilities start to emerge.

David Yarovesky
Screen Gems
© 2019 Sony Pictures
Release Date
May 24th 2019
TRIXTER Key Members
VFX Supervisor: Dietrich Hasse, Jan Stoltz
VFX Producer: Christine Resch, Franzisca Puppe
Animation & VFX Consultant: Simone Kraus Townsend
Compositing Supervisor: Michael Dohne, Patrick Kreuse, Christian Pundschus
CG Supervisor: Chris Smallfield

Laser beam eyes, jaw-dropping gore, hyper-speed propulsion.

Our team of 64 artists spent nearly 15 months working on 239 shots, 192 of which made it into the final cut.

Our Concept Art team started out by developing photorealistic ideas for Brandon’s distinctive laser beam eyes. We tested a number of different approaches for FX look development, including detailed volumetric and geometry-based simulations. Excellent on-set collaboration with the SFX-and-stunt teams helped us to foster an efficient approach to creating mind-bending superpowers and hyper-speed effects, plus elements of animation and CG sets.

We also had a chance to create some complex and unprecedented gorey shots, including melting heads, frosty freezer deaths, and wince-inducing jaw amputations. Ouch!



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