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New Year. New Reels. New!

Welcome to our newly redesigned website, offering a truly immersive VFX adventure.

What does it mean to put the ‘X’ in VFX?

Well, it’s not so much about what we do, it’s about who we are.

We live and breathe stunning visuals, seeing plasma explosions and fluffy monsters in our dreams at night. We’re enthusiasts, escapists, visionaries, and avid consumers of the products we create. We are our own target audience. With all of this action going on in our brains and our studios, we thought it was about time that our homepage get a little makeover, so the outside can finally match the inside. Welcome to the new

Although January may be gray and dreary, our new look is anything but. With a completely redesigned user experience and a dazzling visual makeover, we spent the last locked-down months of 2020 crafting a new homepage which packs as much punch as the world-class cinematic work our team churns out. We hope you enjoy this immersive VFX experience as much as we enjoyed creating it.

2021 Reels Collection

In addition to our new look, our Editorial team has prepared a huge treat: New, upgraded, goosebump-inducing showreels! Featuring our handpicked favorite VFX moments, we sought to not only showcase the versatility of our artists and existing client base, but also the astonishing breadth of the work we do. In our new Reels section, you’ll find plenty of delicious bite-sized morsels of FX, Environments, DMPs, Characters & Creatures, and much more. With our exceptional variety of artists and skillsets in-house, we’re ready to take on your creative adventure and inject some ‘X’ factor into your big vision.

And don’t forget…  SOUND ON! 


Peace, love, and VFX,


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