Die Känguru-Verschwörung (2022)

The sequel to 2020’s VES-nominated smash hit Die Känguru-Chroniken, the gang is back to tackle the rising crisis of conspiracy theorists.

00:00 min

Marc-Uwe Kling, Alexander Berner
© 2022 X-Filme
Release Date
August 25th 2022
TRIXTER Key Members
VFX Supervisor: Dietrich Hasse
Animation Supervisor: Claudius Urban
Associate VFX Producer: Eva Peschkes
CG Supervisor: Michael Haupt
Additional VFX Producers: Marlies Schacherl, Ana Rodrigues, Sara Fernandez
Head of Compositing: Alexey Kuchinski
Head of Rigging: Ruth Wiegand
Head of Lighting: Julius Ihle
Head of FX: Martin Lapp
Environments & DMP Supervisor: Thomas Hiebler


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